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    Unleash your vocal creativity and win big! Where voices join together to praise the Lord in harmony.

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    No instruments needed - just your voice and a passion for music! Join the acapella revolution.

About us
We invite vocal groups from churches across the region to come together and showcase their unique talent and musical ability through the use of only their voices.

Our aim is to celebrate and promote the unique beauty and power of A Capella music as a tool for worship and ministry while providing an opportunity for singers to express their faith and devotion through their music.

Begin A New Pursuit
An opportunity to launch out

We encourage participants to have fun and enjoy the experience of performing to honor and praise the Lord and also showcase their originality and creativity while adhering to the spiritual context and regulations of the competition.

As part of our commitment to supporting and encouraging talented Christian A Capella performers, we are proud to offer cash prizes to the top performers in our competition.

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Yolanda Jenkins

Founder & Head of School

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